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Mac’s Track – Brick Project

The Ron McBride Foundation (RMF) needs your help to raise $167,000 by May 1, 2022, to construct a six-lane track around the soccer field at Glendale Middle School in Salt Lake School District. All you need to do is buy a brick that will form the pathway to the “Ron McBride Track.”

For just a one-time donation of $100, you can purchase an engraved brick (or several), which will create a lifetime legacy for Coach Mac and help Glendale students realize their potential. All of your bricks will be engraved with your name and, in 20 characters (including spaces), add what Mac taught you. Some examples: mental toughness, aggressiveness, fanatical effort, unity or love.
Just click on “register” to buy your bricks, or “donate” to contribute to construction costs.

This community track will give Glendale another outreach mechanism, more student enrichment programs and additional wellness opportunities for the whole community. Printable PDF of Project

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