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What we do

Support after school programs for at-risk students

The Ron McBride Foundation (RMF) provides funding for afterschool programs for at-risk elementary, middle school and high school students in Title 1 schools throughout Utah.

Photo Source: Salt Lake Tribute


Glendale Middle School

Salt Lake City School District

Riverside Elementary School

Jordan School District

Ogden High School

Ogden School District

It really matters!

Bridge Programs

The Ron McBride Foundation steps in between the hours of 3pm to 6pm, when kids are prime targets for gangs, stress, bullying, depression, boredom, social isolation, absenteeism, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts and food insecurity.

Sports & Recreation




Character Education

Cultural Enrichment


Propel our Mission

While much of our funding comes from individual contributions and Monthly Game Changers, we have some key partners that go above and beyond to ensure our continued success.